Dear Customer Past, Present, and Future,

As we enter our 10th year in business, we want to thank all of our loyal customers for helping us make the Culver Coffee Company what it is today. We hope that our Vision is apparent to old and new customers alike: Outstanding Service of exceptional, high-quality, consistent coffee and food items in an upscale atmosphere and friendly, open environment.

If you ever make your way into Indiana, we hope you will come meet us and visit our shop – there is more than corn and cows in Indiana!

Dawn and Nancy Minas

Dawn Nancy


The Culver Coffee Company is committed to serving quality coffee at a reasonable price for our customers. We are committed to operating within a friendly atmosphere and promoting community art and accomplishments in our coffee shop. The Culver Coffee Company strives to bring all members of the community together: residents of Culver, students and faculty at all Culver schools, visiting families and friends, families who own summer homes, and other Culver businesses. We strongly believe in the preservation of family-owned and operated businesses, as well as the preservation of small towns and their communities.


The Culver Coffee Company values education, arts, and the environment. We value family and positive, friendly relationships. We value small town communities and family-owned businesses. The Culver Coffee Company values quality and dedication to achieving our goals. We believe in giving back to communities and giving recognition to important accomplishments within the community. We strive to create an atmosphere and environment that mirrors these values.


The Culver Coffee Company envisions helping other communities to maintain family-owned businesses. We hope to maintain a friendly, warm atmosphere that our customers will enjoy and want to be a part of. The Culver Coffee Company envisions serving quality coffee and baked goods to our loyal customers for many years to come.